A call for a 3-year fixed term assistant research professor position (“Ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo a”) at the Dept. of Chemical Sciences of the University of Padua, Italy, is currently open (deadline January 9th 2020 h. 13.00) . The position is partially funded by  the ERC TAME Plasmons “A theoretical chemistry approach to time-dependent molecular plasmonics” grant. The envisaged research activity will be focused on the area of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry and will concern the development of theories, models and software for the investigation of the optical and electronic properties of (bio)molecules and nanosystems, as well as their application to problems of experimental interest. Holding a PhD is a necessary condition to be considered for the position. To apply, please use the website:



Prospective candidates possibly interested in a post-doc position on “TAME-Plasmons” might contact
Candidates should be familiar with one or more of the following topics:
– Real-time time dependent functional theory and its application to
spectroscopy and photophysics/photochemistry
-Wave-function based excited state calculations in (bio)molecules
-Semiclassical nuclear motion propagation schemes for non-adiabatic processes
-Implicit solvation models or hybrid QM/MM approaches for (bio)molecules
-Classical electromagnetic calculations with Boundary Element Methods.
Good scientific programming skills are essential.